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We’ve been hearing that there may be a bug in the sign-up process in the Cronote Reminders iPhone app. Please contact us if you try to create an account and get this message: “Your account already exists.” We will respond within 24 hours and help you activate your account.

We hope to have this fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

Existing Text Message Services for Health

Earlier this year, the Annual Review of Public Health reported that the majority of text message interventions are effective in managing diabetes, weight loss, physical activity, smoking cessation, and medication adherence for antiretroviral therapy. The researchers had reviewed 89 individual studies published between 2009 and 2014.

There are many proven, federally-funded text messaging services for health. We found a nifty table by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, which we’ve reproduced below:





Maternal & Child Health

Providing pregnant women and new mothers free health text messages in English or Spanish, including information and referral timed to the stage of pregnancy or age of the baby; involves a public-private partnership with National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition and Voxiva; since February 2010, more than 650,000 people have ever enrolled in Text4baby


Child Health
(Nutrition & Physical Activity)

Providing a library of brief, evidence-based messages focused on nutrition and physical activity targeted to parents and caregivers of children ages 1 to 5, based on Bright Futures Guidelines, and available in English and Spanish; the messages can be disseminated through text messaging or incorporated in other programs


Tobacco Control

Delivering 24/7 tips, motivation, encouragement, and advice about smoking cessation through text messages targeted to adults and young adults; the service is free, but message and data rates apply


Tobacco Control

Offering a library of free and publicly available interactive text messages for adults who are ready to quit smoking; includes a delivery algorithm with day-specific quit messages that provide tips, motivation, encouragement, and fact-based information; message content can be tailored according to user-specific keywords

SmokeFree Mom

Tobacco Control

Developing a library of free and publicly available text messages for pregnant women who wish to quit smoking; the messages will be personalized, interactive, and evidence-based

Health Alerts On-the-Go

Health & Safety

Providing CDC’s health and safety information on mobile devices, including seasonal flu, H1N1 flu, public health emergencies, and other topics

Text Alerts Toolkits

Emergency Response & Prepardness

Providing a text message library for emergency preparedness and response for voluntary use by state and local agencies can use during hurricanes and floods; future topics include chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosion messages

There are likely many more since this table was published in 2014. Some public health agencies, like the Seattle King County Department of Public Health, even have a webpage dedicated to local text message resources.

If your local or federal public health department does not offer the text messaging service you need, you can create your own using Cronote. Cronote reminders can be easily adapted for health. The co-founders of Cronote are trained health professionals as well, so if your organization is looking to develop such an intervention, let us know. We’d love to help!

4 Text Messages a Week May Help Heart Patients

It’s been a while since our last post, but we’re happy to see a growing audience for Cronote!

A couple days ago, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a research study suggesting that semi-personalized text messages may help reduce heart disease.

The study was based in Australia through the Tobacco, Exercise and Diet Messages (TEXT ME) program. There were 710 participating patients, all of whom had a record of coronary heart disease between a given time frame (Sept 2011 to Nov 2013). The patients were split into two groups — a control group, which received usual care, and an intervention group, which received 4 text messages per week for 6 months (in addition to usual care). The text messages provided advice, motivational reminders, and support to change lifestyle behaviors. Similar to Cronote’s reminder system, the text messages were not interactive; that is, the patients could not respond.

At 6 months, patients in the intervention group had significantly lower levels of LDL-C (bad cholesterol) than those in the control group. Patients in the intervention group also had lower systolic blood pressure, increased physician activity, and reduced smoking.

This study suggests that text messages may have an added benefit to lifestyle changes.

At Cronote, we are motivated by scientific publications like these and encourage you to share with us how you are using Cronote. We hope that this article inspires you to think of ways you can use text message reminders to improve wellness and health for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Read the full JAMA article here.

Parking Meter Reminders

We all hate getting parking tickets, even more so when we’ve payed the meter, but lost track of time. Cronote’s new Text-to-Remind ( service works amazingly well for scheduling parking meter reminders. It works with any cell phone, is completely free, and is dead simple.

Just text “parking meter 2 hours” to (623) 432-0000. We’ll text you back the exact same message at the designated time. Be sure to change 2 hours to whatever time is on the meter, and give yourself a few extra minutes to get back to your car.


Text-to-Remind is dead simple. Just text a reminder (e.g. Buy milk at 5 pm) to 623-432-0000.

Today we released a new service called Text-to-Remind. This was in response to user feedback and our own criticisms of the Cronote Reminders iPhone app. The iPhone app is a great way to schedule reminders for your contacts, but it has several limitations. Here are a few of the top complaints/criticisms that we’ve received.

1. It takes too long!

It most certainly does. Our app takes almost 10x as long as Siri or Google Voice. Compare saying “Remind me to buy milk at 5 pm” to the multi-step process of a) opening our app, b) typing a message, c) selecting the time, and d) hitting the schedule button. All that just to get a quick self-reminder to buy milk!

2. It only works on the iPhone.

Too true. We use Android, iOS, and even a few non-smartphones. We’d like anybody to be able to use Cronote.

3. It’s not completely free.

Nothing in life is free, except for hundreds of thousands of applications on the Internet. Why not Cronote? Our current business model relies upon users purchasing text message reminders.

These are just a few of the common complaints we receive about the Cronote Reminders iPhone App. The last one also applies to the website. Our new service is an attempt to rectify these three issues.

Text-to-Remind is dead simply. Just text a reminder (e.g. Buy milk at 5 pm) to 623-432-0000. Cronote will text you back the same message at the time you specify. Let’s look how it solves the three issues above:

1. ” It takes too long!” – Texting “Buy milk at 5 pm” is about as fast as you can get. Try it yourself and compare to how long it takes Siri / Google Voice to schedule  the same reminder. Note that Siri and Google Voice often misinterpret what you say.

1. “It only works on the iPhone.” – It works on any phone that can send and receive text messages.

2. “It’s not completely free.” – We’re trying an experiment. Text-to-Remind is Cronote’s first completely free service. We’re hoping to pursue alternative business models if it takes off.

How to Surprise Your Valentine Using Text Messages

Thinking of a special way to surprise your Valentine? Scheduled text messages is a simple, personal (and wallet-friendly) way to let your loved one know that you care. Send him or her notes throughout the day, and make it a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget.

Cronote is a website and iPhone app that lets you to schedule text messages to be delivered at a specified time in the future. There are 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the recipient. (Enter your Valentine’s cell phone number or email address.)
  2. Write your message. (Suggestions: “Your smile makes my heart melt!” or “Can’t wait to see you tonight!”)
  3. Set the delivery time. (February 14, at various times throughout the day.)

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can integrate Cronote into a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Hide gifts for your loved one. Then, schedule text messages to arrive at special moments throughout the day, telling him/her where to look. Watch as your Valentine lights up in surprise and delight each time a new message comes to their phone. He/She may look even more surprised if you are sitting right there and are no where near your phone!

Since Cronote messages are scheduled in advance, this will take some of the stress out of the day. Your Valentine will also feel special knowing that you planned ahead for this memorable day.

The Cronote Reminders iPhone app and website are free for sign-up. The first 10 text messages are completely free, and thereafter, you can purchase packages of 20 text messages for $0.99. (Larger text message packages are available too.) Email messages are always free.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! Please feel free to share any stories on how Cronote made your holiday even more special.

Happy New Year from Cronote!

We’d like to take a moment to thank Cronote users for a very special year. 2012 has certainly been a memorable one for us:

Thank you for using our website and/or app! We wish you a wonderful New Year, and hope 2013 brings good fortune to all of you.

Best Regards,
Ann & Aaron